About Us - Auto Machine, Inc.
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About Auto Machine, Inc.


Jim and John DeBates established Auto Machine, Inc. in August of 1974. This was an easy decision for the brothers to start an automotive business—their family had been in this business since 1902 in St. Charles, IL. Starting out as drag racers in the early 70s, the DeBates brothers decided that the only way to get good machine work done was to do it themselves.


Auto Machine first focused its attention around cylinder head work because it was easily available. Starting with only a valve grinder, seat and guide machine, hot tank and surface grinder, the business quickly expanded into a full machine shop with crankshaft grinding, crankshaft welding, line boring, and rod reconditioning.


Today, you can get your engine completely rebuilt from A to Z, and some engines that Auto Machine specializes in are: antique Jaguar, Studebaker, Packard, and Cadillac.


The goal of Auto Machine is to provide the highest-quality custom machine work available anywhere.


With over 40 years of personal experience and a family history in the automotive industry dating back to 1902, Auto Machine seeks to combine their proven quality with the customer’s unique specifications. The result: unique projects, unparalleled performance, and an extremely satisfied customer base. Contact Us…

Our Achievements:

  • 40+ years in business
  • John DeBates received “Machinist of the Year” Award in 1999
  • Auto Machine is recognized for assisting in the construction of a model of the Wright Brothers’ plane
  • Kim Ramont is recognized for participating in the Automotive Education program at St. Charles East Hight School
  • John DeBates taught Automotive Education at Elgin Community College
  • John DeBates was Chairman of the Board of AERA from 2005–2006 and served on the Board for 8 years
  • Jim DeBates is a graduate of the Milwaukee School of Engineering with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
  • Kim Ramont has written published editorials on the automotive industry in “Engine Professional”

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